PIA specializes in showing sponsors of 401(k) and other retirement plans how a longstanding, yet little-known, legal mechanism in ERISA allows them to get rid of significant fiduciary responsibilities - and therefore significant liabilities - for the selection, monitoring and replacement of plan investment options and then transfer such responsibilities and liabilities to PIA. Any plan sponsor that does this will escape liability for PIA’s decisions and actions concerning these critical responsibilities.

Our firm is totally independent of all plan vendors and its fully disclosed revenue comes only from its clients, thereby helping to avoid conflicts of interest.

PIA believes it important to establish and follow a prudent investment and management process that is legally sound, academically oriented and cost efficient. Disciplined adherence to this process can help reduce the risk and enhance the future wealth of any pool of money, long term, whether it is a 401(k) retirement plan, non-profit foundation or endowment, or private family trust.

PIA’s investment advisory agreement with each plan sponsor describes the specific duties that our firm is retained to perform and those it won’t perform. We meet with each plan sponsor client annually to review the plan and ensure that we have carried out our designated duties.